As Membership Manager, this is one of the biggest questions I come across each day. The answer, being very dependent on the individual’s needs and existing exercise regime.

At both Brighton Fitness and Paragon Fitness we have Members who are supplementing their existing external routines and therefore may only attend once a week to meet their health, fitness and wellbeing goals or maintain where they are at.

However if you are starting out or this is going to be your sole workout regime, additional time and dedication are going to be required.

Your health, fitness and wellbeing should be your number one priority. Without it, you would not be functioning at your best and be able to give your best.

For sustainable results and maintenance of goals it is suggested for a fitness regime to be undertaken 3x per week for an equitable duration and intensity. This coupled with a healthy diet will set you on your way towards both fitness and physical/visual results.

So back to our original question of ‘Which Membership is right for me?’…….

Based on the above suggestion of 3 x workouts per week and a healthy diet you can expect to feel increased energy, fitness and confidence within the first 3 months of your training. Physical and visual results such as weight loss, muscle tone or building require a longer time to develop and can be attained closer to the 6-7 month mark. From the 7 month mark onwards is where you will either fall into the maintenance stage or look at upping the intensity of your training and re-setting goals for further results.

Now ask yourself –

  • Are you doing any other exercise currently?
  • How many times per week can you invest towards your health, fitness and wellbeing results?
  • What are your goals?
  • How important are those goals – do you really want them?

Combining the above suggestion with your answers will help you determine which length of membership is best for you.

The other factor to consider is value. Aside from being the best results based membership, a 12 Month Membership is also the most financially viable. From a little over $10 per week at Brighton Fitness, and $11.50 per week at Paragon Fitness, with unlimited access the 12 Month Membership is great value compared to attending casually at $15 per visit.

So what are you waiting for? …… Let’s get started towards your goals TODAY!